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Enable people to independently, precisely & conveniently find their Dream Partners fool
proof, using technology on their own.

Message From Founder

Dear Guests,
Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to one of the most innovative concepts of this Matrimonial Industry.

We have Always been in the service segment since almost 22 years now , Our Major Work is servicing Corporates for their Manpower Requirements and have been fortunate to serve the best among them and in this course of facilitating Manpower Requisitions, we uncovered the fact that we were Job providers also, for the users that we spoke to, for fulfilling these positions.

Once we Researched further to Help our clients & users both to present themselves better, we worked on the Video CV’s & Video JD’s concept and then taking it online for all those benefits of being on line ,and once we did that we were automatically pushed towards the Match making industry which lacked this and required this Video & other features more Drastically, that’s how we ventured with a totally new team to innovate & execute the Never thought of features of both industries.

Over the years, the online matrimony websites have been increasing in numbers, and they have been successful, but to a limited extent, we have aimed to bring Maturity & Diversification to it, adding & inventing New Methods & techniques to ease the process of Partner Search.

The process was quite difficult for the prospects, as at times they have to travel outstation, take out spare time and also bear expenses to visit the prospective partner. Many a times, the photos available on the matrimony sites are photo-shopped due to which the prospect can’t understand and analyze the potential partner properly before finalizing.

Realizing this, we formed the New Identity “Adidev Entertainment Pvt Ltd” and launched this unique concept of and laid all our New researched Tools & features so as to enable our Users to resolve this Process in the bestest way . We provide matrimonial solutions to singles, separated, widowed, or divorcee.

Please read through more to enjoy the Ride and take advantage of all the latest features & innovations of this concept to find the Dream Partner for you or Your Loved Ones as the case may be.

Let me inform you with pride that each feature is Unique and also stating that we were the innovators of each one and the world is only trying to follow all that we have researched.

Wish you Success to find your best match.

Suresh Nair Why & What

Problems We Solve

We are a Platform that offer’s Multiple Solutions for Partner Search,through multiple channels & Means to reach your Dream Partner effectively.
Our solutions eliminate all after- effects pertaining to Partner search . Like irritation of Meeting multiple people , fear of rejections , embrassement caused due to introduction to so many people, Favors from known circles, unwanted Travelling, Fakeness & privacy issues etc.
Women form the most important part of our Concept where we have kept their Safety & security as our Main focus.
We have resolved the screening of a Partner in an easy & effective manner where one can screen and analyze any number of times before proceeding to contact the match in terms of their Personality, likes, Interests, thought process , upbringing environment etc. even we have helped to get opinions of loved ones before proceeding to meet in person.

Current Unique Features Are

Video Profiles of Users

Today’s life is too busy to have time to read long bio descriptions The modern generation wantsto see the people in action. As well the pic or the bio data is not enough to know about the peoplefor as life partner…. Just because pic is not enough to know about people, likes &dislikes, interests , hobbies, thought process , the way of talking& walking.. In DILKERISHTE.COM website users can make their own videoand can see the other user’s video to Search the preferred partner...

Video Calling Feature Without Disclosing Number’s

Video chat is a fantastic tool under the right circumstances. Communication through a visual medium is often much more clear than communication only through text or by simple call. By showing yourself and seeing others, you can understand body language, which is so important in interacting with each other. In comparison to Chat & normal call, video call provides participants with an effective communication.

Easy Profile Sharing with Safety & Security

In DILKERISHTE.COM website, users can easily share their video profile (via link with time bound password Protection) to the relatives, friends and family of Matches for their opinion via email

Track The Ordered Video Status

Users can track their video Making Status from an on line tracking system once they have booked. From that they can know the video status- shooting date, time, and location.
* is referred for ease of the readers as

new features

Online live parichay sammelan

Community wise Marriage Events for Bachelors

Pics & video of Parichay Sammelan
News Covered by Prominent paper rajasthan Patrika
Kota Pareek samaj event

Marriage Proposal Video - Shot Online

Newly introduced feature, handholding the Users in making their Video via video call with the support of an Anchor at our studio while you sit in the comforts of your home

Marriage Proposal Video - Shot Online

Origin of the concept

Suresh Nair, is an Indian from south namely Kerala, born & brought up in Jaipur, studying & Playing Football at Saint Xavier’s Jaipur completed his basic schooling, he completed his MBA in Marketing from R A Poddar Institute of Management. Once his Professional Aspirations started to show green shoots, his family deiced to get him married and laid plans to find a girl who would be from the family’s caste & culture, matching to his food habits of south Indian tastes.

Then started the search to this ideal fit where all these qualities would cross at one point along, with the looks of being a HemaMalini ( any Indian Male would prefer), a south Indian culture and then a decent educated Nair family& their Educated Daughter…how an earth would all this happen…

His father went & went searching, then after shortlisting some, Suresh was called to be forced to choose one , he declined, but he was declined more, that time in 2001 he thought “ God aisa koi system hota , I would sit at one place (now that all of us have to run from jaipur to Kerala 5 days going & coming by train, and then roaming and taking help within Kerala, never got one ) and watch lots of girls walking & talking and from them I would choose and meet & then select one….that’s when this Platform was dreamt. But there was no speed Internet in India and this could only be seen via Videos and most people wouldnot have internet.

Over the years, the online matrimony websites have been increasing in numbers, and they have been successful, but to a limited extent, we have aimed to bring Maturity & Diversification to it, adding & inventing New Methods & techniques to ease the process of Partner Search.When the time came in late 2018 while 4G was in better stages and Internet reaching a good part of Population this concept was initiated. And It took almost 4 years of Preparation before we launched in Feb 2019 from Hyderabad sand since then we have been finding ways to impresses users to come and use this, which is as it is a very good tool to use.

God some day they will know it is really a amazing concept and That they can trust us and make this the most useful tool to find matches for marriage.

And yes, He got Married in 2001 with a Girl with Nair Community Only, the one who cooks his favorite food and matches to his culture and they have two Sons Jaiditya & abhiditya studying in 12th & 11th in the same school where he studied.. Saint Xavier’s School at Jaipur and living with their Parents. Should I write Happy…?

May this concept help you all, who are reading this, who must have come to this site for this purpose and get to their Dream Partner quickly.

Background of Founder

Our founder Mr. Suresh Nair was awarded as the “Pride Of Rajasthan” for his exemplary Contribution towards Recruitment & HR Domain as a Subject, covering Pan India..

Team Behind

Dilkerishte consists of an India wide team for shooting & Broadcasting ( studios), call center , IT &backend team etc. which ensures best services facilitatedall over India in all languages. Service Center

DILKERISHTE.COM is a network of centers across India offering Shooting and other services. The business is the first of its kind in the world and attempts to revolutionize the otherwise unstructured and fragmented $10 billion matrimonial industry in India.

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