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Registration Process

Click on registration button at the top menu& fill all the details carefully especially your date of birth since it cannot be edited once the profile is created on DilKeRishte. Enter your mobile number, click on ‘Send OTP’& fill the OTP received by you through SMS in the box to verify your mobile number.

Mobile & Email ID Verification

Verify your E-Mail ID & mobile number which is a mandatory step because without it the profile will not be activated. Moreover, profiles with verified Email ID & mobile numbers will get instant notifications & updates by DilKeRishte regularly, resulting in making their partner search faster, easier & effortless.

Select Membership

Choose your membership from our free & premium plans carefully keeping in mind what you are searching for or for what purpose you are on this platform. This will also save the precious time of the user. We will help the user to search better, invest less time & find the perfect partner faster. Moreover, as per the advisory of “Ministry of Communication & Information Technology”, only those serious for matrimony should choose matrimony section.

Apply Promo Code

While buying a membership, click on the ‘Available Promo Code’ button and select one code from the list appeared. OR if you have a Promo Code shared by the company with you, it can be applied effectively to that particular section it is in. For example, if it is for a membership plan it will only be applied to the membership case only.

Upload ID Proofs & Increase Trust Scores

The IDs provided by users will only be used for internal purposes & not to be shared with anyone.

The registered users are advised to upload valid ID proofs to avoid fake profiles, increase their trust score that will help in getting better responses on your profile and to appear higher in search results. To increase your trust score it is recommended that the user should upload the maximum number of ID proofs. Profile with updated ID proofs shows the genuineness of the user. Without uploading an ID proof your profile will not be visible to other members of DilKeRishte and you will not be able to send or receive any invitations.

Successful Registration

Now you have become a registered user of DilKeRishte and the profile will go under verification process for the safety & security of all the users & give them an effortless searching experience on the site.

First Time Login

Log in to your account for the first time by entering ‘User ID & Password’ to avail an array of options & search ‘DilKeRishte’ of your choice. It is said in a survey that the profiles which are completed more than 90% tends to get better responses. Thus, in the first login, the user is advised to complete their profile up to 90% to get better responses in the future.

Profile Search

Start your partner search with DilKeRishte by setting partner preferences/choice of partner. As new people keep on registering on DilKeRishte you always have the leverage to search for new profiles. It is suggested that a user should search for new profiles minimum once a week. You can also try different search options every-time for better results. This will help the DilKeRishte team to auto suggest better profiles matching according to the preferences set by you.

Shortlist Profiles for Connecting

After login to your account, click on the ‘Shortlist Profile’ tab and view the profiles. Proceed further & show interest in the searched/shortlisted profiles by sending an invitation to these members for connecting with them. As soon as your invitation got accepted by another member, you will be able to connect with them through our online chat or video call features.

Upload a Video

You are advised to upload either a self-made video or professionally shoot video profile for getting better responses on your DilKeRishte profile ID & increase the pace of your partner search. The user can upload a video of either 90 seconds or 350 MB. The user can upload maximum 3 video files in their account and in case they are unable to upload the video due to any reason they can mail us on or WhatsApp the video to +91-8306349153. A profile with video tends to get higher responses as it attracts more people & show that your profile is more authentic as compared to the ones with no video profiles.

I. Free Video:
The user can upload a self-made video of 90 seconds/350MB anytime in their profiles for free.

II. Professional Video:
The user can click on ‘My Account’, and then on ‘Upload Video’ and select the ‘Get Profession Video Shoot’ or the user can contact team DilKeRishte via sending an email to or call on our customer care no. +91-8306349153. A user has to make an advance payment of 50% along with their personal details & bio-data. On the basis of bio-data, our experts will develop a script for the shoot & take the user’s approval for the same. After approval, the shoot will be scheduled in the nearby studio of the user by fixing the date & time from mutual consents. The user needs to bring his own costume, makeup & accessories of his/her choice. On the day of shoot rest of the payment needs to be deposited or one can pay on the spot as well. The professional video shoot will take 3-4 working hours in normal conditions. After 3-4 working days, the user is required to visit the studio for watching the video & providing his/her approval. After which our technical team will provide you the video via email or WhatsApp. No reshoot will be done; however, minor corrections can be done at the user’s request.

Upload a Photo

A user can upload a maximum of 10 images in JPG, GIF, png, &bmp format. Each image should be of less than 15 MB. Shortlist your best pictures & upload them on your DilKeRishte profile as a picture can attract more people as compared to the profiles without a profile picture.

Get a Horoscope

A user can also generate one page horoscope by filling the required details or can also upload his/her horoscope on their profile. User can check their match-score with other users for matchmaking purpose. Its free of cost feature provided by DilKeRishte.

A user can also enter the details for checking their compatibility with their partner through online one-to-one matchmaking feature which is a premium feature.

Ask For More Information

If you are interested in a profile with incomplete details & wish to know more about the person, you can ask for more information by just clicking on that particular section. A message will be delivered to that user by DilKeRishte, so that s/he can complete their profile immediately.

Share Your Profile

India is a place full of diverse culture & traditions and DilKeRishte respects everyone’s values & believes related to marriage. Hence, if the user wants to share his/her profile with selected people only & is concerned about his/her safety, they can share their profile to a third party by using a “Time-Bound Link” which is password protected. Only the person with whom the profile is shared can see it for a specific time period.

Send SMS

A user can send a pre-described message to the person of their interest. By Sending an SMS the user can inform another user that he/she is online & requesting them to join for either video calling or online chatting purpose. It is a premium feature.

Video Calling

As soon as the user’s request is accepted by another user they can contact each other by availing the benefit of exclusive video calling features provided by DilKeRishte without disclosing their mobile numbers & maintaining their privacy. It is a premium feature, but is very useful for the user since in the time of technological advancement a video can tell much truth about a person which a mere picture cannot explain.

Online Chatting

One can initiate online chatting with the members of their interest as soon as their request is accepted by them. One can chat online 24/7 without any interruption & keeping the personal phone numbers undisclosed. This is a premium feature& the user can avail it as per his/her chosen membership plan to connect with people, as well as, interact with them anytime & anywhere. This unique feature will help the user to check his/her compatibility with another user on DilKeRishte.

Send Request

If you are interested in the profile of a member appeared after your search you are advised to send a request to them, expressing your interest in their profiles. The particular member in which you have shown interest will be notified about your ‘request to connect’ via notifications or emails. Increase your search result by connecting with other members of DilKeRishte. Every day new members keep on registering on DilKeRishte to search their perfect partner & connecting with new members will help in advancing your partner search too.

Receive Request

You will be notified via emails or SMS if any other user on DilKeRishte has shown interest in your profile & looking forward to connecting with you. You can check who has sent you a request and can accept the request in case you want to connect with them. It is advisable to all the users to log in to their account minimum once a week and keep their contact details updated so that you can be notified quickly by team DilKeRishte regarding the requests received. The more you connect the higher is your chances to find your perfect mate quickly.

Reject Request

In case you have received a request, but you are not willing to connect with them you have the option to decline their request. DilKeRishte is a good platform to connect with the ones you like or the one matches your preferences. Stay activated on DilKeRishte, Keep on searching till you end up with the one you are meant to be.

Mark Abuse

In case a user feels any kind of threat, misconduct, illegal activity or bad reaction by any other user which are demeaning or hurting in any manner, s/he can click on ‘mark Abuse’ option and our technical team will take care of the matter immediately. Your safety, comfort & safe searching experience is our top priority without a doubt.

Privacy Settings

A user can change his/her privacy setting by logging into their DilKeRishte profile. Go to ‘My Activity’& in the drop down menu, click on ‘Privacy Settings’. You can select who can see your photos, video, how you can be contacted, visibility of horoscope, verification reports & notification settings.

Block or Report a User

A user can block another user or report them to the DilKeRishte team, in case of any misconduct, unwanted activities or any other reasons.

Deactivate or Hide Account

In case your partner search is completed or due to any other personal reason you want to leave DilKeRishte site, you can temporarily deactivate your DilKeRishte account or can hide your account by choosing the relevant option in ‘My Profile’ page. Your profile will be instantly deactivated on your request. The user can again activate their account by using the same Email ID & Password anytime.

Update Your Status

It is advised that a user must keep his/her status updated such as ‘Single’ if searching for a compatible life partner/Friendship or ‘Married’ when your partner search is completed successfully.

Download Our App

In order to keep your search On 'Anytime, Anywhere or On the Go', you can simply download our “DilKeRishte App” from Google Play Store or App Store in a few clicks. You will get a video call facility, instant chat facility, and instant notifications related to your profile status or progress without disclosing your mobile numbers. DilKeRishte App is the best way to surf through thousands of profiles just at your fingertips and avail amazing features making your search marvelous.

Security Advice

All the users of DilKeRishte are advised not to share their Account's Password or One Time Password (OTP) with anyone. It is also recommended that the user must not share the password for the time-bound profile link with anyone &share it with only those they want to show their profile to or are interested in.
Please be careful while selecting your privacy settings.

We request all DilKeRishte members to stay alert of the following:

  • Many matrimonial sites might appear same as DilKeRishte but they are not in any way associated with DilKeRishte. Our official site is Beware of these fake sites, and refrain from providing any of your personal information to them.
  • If a user of DilKeRishte asks you for personal favors such as lending a sum of money, transportation of goods from one place to another, depositing funds/fees on their behalf please do not proceed further and inform our team immediately. We do not support any such activities.
  • Unknown callers pretending to call from DilKeRishte team asking for your account’s user id & password. You are advised to never share your OTP, User ID & Password details with anyone. Please note that DilKeRishte never asks its members for information related to their ‘user password’ either in person or on the phone.
  • Do not disclose your identity or mobile no. unless sure.
  • If you want to meet a person,you just met on DilKeRishte portal, we suggest you choose a public place and ensure your personal safety.
  • We strongly advise you to never do any transactions in cash without taking the official receipt.
  • We advise you to make online payments to avoid any kind of inconvenience and security issues.

In case you witness any of the above-stated situations or come across a fake profile, please notify us immediately on our customer care No. +91-8306349153 or drop a mail to us at our official Mail ID

Once again we suggest you, to keep the following points in mind while interacting with another member of DilKeRishte, as well as, any of our representatives:

  • Never share your DilKeRishte account information with anyone, including your user ID & password, OTP etc.
  • Do not share your financial details with anyone such as credit/debit card details, bank account number, online banking credentials etc.
  • Perform background research about a person you wish to process with as a match
  • Beware of similar looking fake sites. Ensure that you are accessing our official site only at and pay money through our secure online payment mode. In case of any doubt call on our customer care no. +91-8306349153